Around the World in Santiago Hills (AWISH)

is coming April 12, 2024 from 5:00-7:00pm



Travel the world in one night and for pocket change! Santiago Hills is always proud to showcase the rich cultures of the world in our annual festival. Parent and community volunteers represent countries from around the world and bring fabulous food and cultural crafts and entertainment. Come join us for food, activities, music, entertainment, and the most adorable students you've ever seen! 



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Bring your families, neighbors and friends! Only one dollar 50 cents per ticket!


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What to expect

On the evening of AWISH, the blacktop is transformed into a tent city where each tent represents a different country. When you arrive, make sure to get your tickets ready (available for purchase at the event or included in your Silver/Gold Pledge Drive package) so you can visit each booth and use your tickets to sample that booth’s cuisine or craft.


Parade of Nations

Make sure to come dressed in your favorite nation’s cultural attire! Students who would like to present their special outfits can participate in our Parade of Nations, where they will display their country pride around the tents and on stage.  The parade is set to start directly following the National Anthem performed by a student and Boy Scouts’ flag ceremony. No need to RSVP, just come ready to be a part of the show!


Food booths

Ever tasted glass noodles from Korea or Swedish cookies? How about some homemade Italian spaghetti or German sausage? AWISH is a great way to expose students to cuisines around the world in a fun and exciting way!


Craft booths

Some countries choose to share their culture with customary activities of their homeland. We also have vendors who come out to share their own crafts and activities, like the language school wheel of prizes, or martial arts “break a board” activity.


Volunteers Needed

This event is 100% volunteer run. All our country booths are run by parents. If you can represent a country or would like to help another booth that needs extra hands, please contact our AWISH chair at You can find forms and guidelines on our current year’s event information page.


In past years, we have had food booths from the following countries. Contact us to host one of the booths below or introduce us to a new country’s cuisine this year!

Just a few ideas that might help you think of which country booth you'd like to host... and by no means a complete list!

  1. Africa - plantain chips, mask making, bead jewelry
  2. Argentina - mini empanadas
  3. Australia - Tim Tams, mini meat pies, boomerang art, aboriginal rain sticks
  4. Belgium - Speculoos cookie butter
  5. Bangladesh - Jilapi
  6. Brazil - Brigadeiro
  7. Canada - Wunderbar, aboriginal totem poles
  8. China - White Rabbit candy, fried rice, cherry blossom art, paper lantern
  9. Costa Rica - guava cookies
  10. Ecuador - tres leches
  11. Egypt
  12. England - 
  13. France - croissants, pastries
  14. Germany - bratwurst, Kinder Eggs, chicken dance, gingerbread house, pretzels
  15. Greece - moussaka, gyros, baklava
  16. Hawaii/Pacific Islands - Butter Mochi cake
  17. India - samosas, curry, henna painting, naan
  18. Ireland - HobNobs
  19. Israel - Latkes and tzedakah box making
  20. Italy - pizza, risotto
  21. Japan - Origami making, spam musubis, Pocky
  22. Korea - Pushu Pushu, sugar honeycombs
  23. Lebanon
  24. Mexico - Mexican Rice, Takis, Churros, Taquitos, mini pinata craft
  25. Netherlands - Stroopwafels
  26. New Zealand - pavlova
  27. Philippines - Ube buns, Jolly bee chicken
  28. Poland - pierogis and polish sausage
  29. Russia - babushka ornaments
  30. Scotland  - Teacakes
  31. Spain - Chupa Chups, paella
  32. Sweden - Ikea Meatballs
  33. Taiwan - boba, potstickers, dim sum
  34. Thailand - Coconut Mango Sticky Rice
  35. Turkey
  36. U.S. -  hot dogs, lemonade, sliders hamburgers



For questions or to volunteer at the event, contact our AWISH Coordinator at

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