reflections 2021


Calling all Santiago Hills TK-6 students 

New and seasoned artists are invited to participate in the Reflections Art Contest Program. Online entry form here.


The theme for this school year:

I Will Change the World By...  


The due date for your entries is October 7th, 2021. We will let you know where and how you can submit it soon.


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How to apply 

  1. Create your work of art.
  2. Make sure you followed the contest rules.
  3. All submissions must be completed online, digitally at
  4. Collect your spirit sticker.
  5. Admire your work and others’ artwork at Reflections Gallery Night!
  6. Wait to see if you made it to the next round! 


Some information you may want to have ready before submitting your online entry:

  • Parent and student contact info
  • Artwork in uploadable format: (scanned or photographed if needed) in jpg, png, pdf, mp3, mp4, etc.
  • Title of Your Artwork 
  • Artist Statement: In 10 to 100 words, describe your work and how it relates to the theme.
  • Any details that are specific to your art category:
    • If background music is used in dance/film, citation is required. 
    • Include word count for literature. 
    • List dimensions for photography/visual arts. 
    • List musician(s) or instrumentation for music.

What is the Reflections Art Contest?



Since 1969, Reflections is the National PTA’s arts recognition and achievement program that gives students the chance to create original works of art in one or all of the available categories: Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Dance Choreography, Film Production, and Music Composition. Reflections provides an opportunity for students to enhance their arts education by exploring their artistic talents AND receiving recognition for their efforts!


More info on submitting your contest entry

Reflections is divided into six categories – Visual Arts, Photography, Literature, Film Production, Dance Choreography, and Music Composition. The official rules have specific information for each category. Please be sure to read the rules carefully before starting your project and again before submitting your work. Before the day your entries are due, make sure you have done the following to make the online submission process run smoothly:


Visual Arts: 2D artwork submissions must include one digital image of artwork with your submission. Accepted file formats: JPEG, JPG, PNGFor entries that advance, artwork must be mounted on mat or poster board no larger than 24 x 30 inches. 

  3D artwork submissions must contain 3 digital images of artwork at different angles.


Photography: Digital image dimensions must be at least 640×960 (pixels) and 300 dpi (resolution). Accepted file formats:JPEG, JPG, PNG. If you used a timer to take your photograph, include that on your entry form in the “artwork details” section. For entries that advance, printed images must be mounted on mat or poster board no larger than 11 x 14 inches. 


Literature: Submissions must be single-sided and can be handwritten or typed. Submit entries as a PDF file online.


Film Production: Video file must not exceed 5 min. and 1 GB in size. Accepted formats: AVI, MOV, MP4.


Dance Choreography: Video file must not exceed 5 min. and 1 GB in size. Accepted formats: AVI, MOV, MP4. 


Music CompositionAudio file must not exceed 5 min. and 1 GB in size. Accepted formats: MP3, WAV


If you have any questions, please contact our Reflections Chair or our VP of Programs See more details about this year’s Reflections Program here.


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