Calling All Readers!

How the Reading Calendar program works:

Sit down with a good book and keep track of how many days of the month your student read each month. Submit your days read at the end of the month and you’ll be eligible for a monthly reading prize - our Tiger Tags. We also offer a grand prize near the end of the year for students who turned in at least 7 calendars during the school year.




1) Keep track of the days your student reads. You can use these printable calendars to help your kiddo keep track of their days. 

TK-1st grade - 15 mins/day

2nd grade - 20 mins/day

3rd-4th grade - 25 mins/day

5th- 6th - 30 mins/day


2) If your student reads for 20 days or more during the month, report the number of reading days on the PTA website before the due date. Due dates are noted on the printable calendars. Do not turn in the calendars to your teacher. Follow these instructions to submit reading days:


 You will not receive a receipt for your submission, but if you want to see if you successfully submitted a calendar go to "My Paperwork" --> "Previous Orders" --> Click "Forms" (tab). You will see all the forms that you have submitted. 


3) For every 3 months of reading, your student will earn a free book from Inchy the Book Vending Machine!


4) If your student submits reading calendars for at least 7 of the 8 months, they will qualify to participate in the Reading Calendar Grand Prize in May. 



As if you needed any more reasons to dive into a good book!



This PTA program is provided by members and school and parent volunteers.





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